Tuesday, February 27, 2024

February 2024


Early February brought signs of Spring - the Forsythia in bloom always gives us hope that the winter is receding and we can start thinking about gardening, mowing, planting and all things Spring.

In the greenhouse, I've started veggies and flowers and they are starting to look really good. I even put some cabbage and broccoli plants outside. The peas I planted outside on December 31, actually survived the very cold time we had in January, and are popping out of the ground.

Ron and I spent a couple of days raking and leveling and getting ready for the final touches by our excellent cement guy, Steve.

The slab in the tool shed is done! Most of the land work around the building is looking good, and I've been planting flowers around the edges. The sunshine days in February are so wonderful and we spent several days outside renewing our Vitamin D and K levels.

Then....this happened! As part of the two steps forward, one step back of Spring, we endured a couple of days of wet snow at the end of February. The picture is of my brave peas coming up through the snow. 

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  1. The weather this month sure went to extremes - warm to cold to warm to cold again. My Forsythia is just starting to bloom too and the Tete a tete daffodils ate opening. They didn't like yesterdays snow shower.