Monday, August 28, 2023

August 2023

This is the first year that I have really used my greenhouse. While I started most plants on my kitchen table, I moved them into the greenhouse when it got warmer, and have left them through the heat of the summer. Surprisingly, they've survived the heat and have thrived with daily watering.  I've gotten most of my tomatoes and cucumbers from the plants in the greenhouse. We brought power to the greenhouse this month, so I should have more success in starting plants next spring.

Growing tobacco as a lark - beautiful plant with a very pretty flower. Now I need to research some way to use it other than smoking. Medicinal? I'm always looking for medicinal plants.

Our friends, Patti and Fran, from Florida visited on their way to an Alaska cruise, and we took in the local sites. Deception Pass, with it's spectacular views is always on our must see places.  
Closer to home, the swinging footbridge across the Stillaguamish River - a place we haven't actually stopped for in quite a while.
Lots of veggie and fruit preservation going on this month. Making jam, drying figs, freezing beans, making pickles, and most recently:
Making sauerkraut. As with anything, proper tools make the job easier.  My recipe: 
2 large heads of cabbage (shredded, it make about 2 gallons)
1/4 cup canning salt (thoroughly mixed with the cabbage) 
Pound to tamp down - now it's about a gallon and half in volume.
Cover with plate and large zip lock bag filled with water for weight. (I have a rock that I use - I found it years ago and have scoured it and kept it for the sauerkraut weight)

Cover with a clean towel, and wait! It takes about 5 or 6 weeks to be ready to put in jars and seal.

 "Winter is coming..." not my favorite phrase, but it feels good to have a pantry and freezer full of food and a woodshed full of wood.