Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Gardening in April 2022


Although you can see garlic in this row, it is pretty overwhelmed by weeds.  So finally on a sunny day where it was kind of warm I decided to work in the big garden.

The garlic wasn't the only thing that needed attention!  I threw some strawberry plants in this area and they have more or less thrived with neglect, but I weeded them too, and transplanted some that were growing in the middle of the pathway.

Garlic and strawberries weeded.  New blackberry plants weeded and trellised and peas planted. Our neighbor, Gene, came around to look at his garden area just in time to help me pound in posts for the blackberries and peas.

In spite of a very cold and wet April, the garden is looking good - raspberries all tied up and ready to burst into bloom.  Cherry trees in full bloom, apples about ready to bloom, potatoes and Swiss Chard planted in garden, and my kitchen table is full of tender plants waiting for warmer days to go out in the big garden.