Saturday, October 29, 2022

October 2022 - Fall is Finally Here

 Summer continued for us well into October this year. Our normal rainy season that starts sometime in September didn't start until late October.  We continued to water plants every day, but enjoyed harvesting beans, cucumbers, and other frost intolerant veggies. Still waiting for the first frost, but the deer and cooler nights have mostly ended growth in the veggie patch.

Deer decided they do like green beans after all.

.Acorn Squash is ready to enjoy
Time to gather seeds and herbs and dry them for future use.

Pumpkin carving time

Finding the perfect Halloween costume.

Putting the garden to bed for winter. I pruned the thornless blackberries the way I do raspberries.  Mulched and pruned and discarded and tilled. I'm experimenting with no till gardening on about half of the garden area, and planting winter rye in the rest.
It's time to enjoy the beautiful fall weather by sitting down to relax or firing up the oven to begin cooking again.