Friday, March 29, 2013

Back in Florida

We decided to take it easy today after our drive from Georgia yesterday.  Dick started a new jigsaw puzzle, and is already making good progress on that.  However, the lure of the sunshine and warmth outside got us out before noon.

 Taking a little break on our walk along the bay.
One of our favorite local parks, Lemon Bay Park, has trails through the woods and along the bay.
On a warm sunny day, lots of boats are out on the bay.
Mangroves are kind of like Banyon trees - they keep sending out roots to create more Mangrove swamps. 
The Mangroves are wonderful habitat for many birds and animals.
From the raised walkways, we strolled along the bay through the Mangroves.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring in Georgia

Even when we have an occasional cool wet day, spring seems to have come to us in Georgia.  Everything is in bloom, fishermen are back on the lake, and we are going through our usual hectic time trying to pack for home.  This year was more difficult than normal as we put my folks' place on the market.  They have a van that we are driving home for them, so we measured it to see how much they could haul for its final trip to Alaska.  It can handle 10 totes and a few miscellaneous extras. 
So the task of loading all this into the van and driving it to Washington is our next task.  I think since we are driving two vehicles and we have one seat open we may be able to fit it all in.
Dick's nephew came down from Kentucky and cleaned the tools out of the garage and a bunch of stuff from the pantry.

Fortunately they have a full sized truck.  
Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out how to slip in my milk carton garden.  It is really growing well, and if I can get it home, it will give me a head start on my garden.
I have several varieties of Heirloom tomatoes growing, but the beets are doing best.  I may have started them too soon, as it looks like I could have beet greens for dinner before we even leave here.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Lake Eufaula/Lake George Home for Sale

#10 County Line Road - Now Available
Eufaula MLS Information - Many pictures of both exterior and interior at this link.
Looking for a retirement home below the snow line?
Rural area with end of the road seclusion and privacy.
Furniture and appliances included in sale - just bring your clothes and toothbrush.

Wonderful sunset views of Lake Eufaula
Fishing from your front yard on a premier bass fishing lake.
Dock permit has been applied for.
Extended family?
Additional lot available.
Contact Baker Realty -
for more information.  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

End of an Era

As we enjoy all the evidence of spring in Georgia,
Blossoms on the lemon tree,
Loquat fruit (any one with an idea of what to do with loquat or even what it is?)
New bird nests - notice the white hair that was added - I cut Mom's hair outside a couple of days ago, and the birds have immediately gathered it for their nests.
and waking to the sound of bass fishermen blazing down the lake,
we are saddened knowing that it may be the last year my folks come South.
We are listing their house for sale next week. 
Beautiful brick sided house on beautiful Lake Eufaula/Lake George, with many upgraded features.  Application in work for a dock in front.  Nearly an acre gently sloping to the lake with outstanding views of the lake and sunsets.
Best buy on the lake at $230,000.  
Furniture and appliances and all housewares included.  Just bring your toothbrush!