Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Labor Day with Family

As we worked on the house this summer, we sadly neglected our family.  So with the house mostly done, we had a family gathering on Labor Day.
The older girls worked on puzzles, the middle kids built a fort in the woods, and the younger girls and I went for a walk to the garden.
In spite of neglect, we found corn that we ate fresh off the stalk, apples, beans, grapes, and some great big pumpkins.
We decided it was warm enough to swim, so Alaina, Virginia and I went back to the house and got suits.  Only the three of us were brave enough to jump in.  It was really cold!
While Alaina perfected her dive, other family members watched from the dock.  It really was sunny and warm after a week or so of cool weather, rain, and clouds.