Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Riding the Bike on a Sunny Day

Having "riding days" in April is always special.  So with the garden planted, the mowing done, and other obligations satisfied, we dug out the bike for another ride on a beautiful summer-like day.

We took the back roads through the Machias area where many people were already out on the Centennial Trail, running, biking, and walking dogs.
We continued through Snohomish where antique shoppers were already out wandering through the many shops.
River Road between Snohomish and Monroe offers views of the Cascades Mountains and all the farmland in the rich river bottom of the Snohomish River.
Nurseries abound on Tualco Loop Road between Monroe and Duvall, and Mt Rainier adds a dramatic backdrop.
Interesting clouds as we traveled High Bridge Road toward Carnation
When friends visited from Florida, we asked what they found most surprising on their first visit to the Pacific Northwest.  "All the agriculture!" was their answer.  We also find that to be most surprising in most areas we visit - there is a lot of it in our country, but the cities get most of the national press coverage.
Found a new place to eat in Fall City - Good food, slow service - crowds!
Came home and dove in the lake - and nearly had a heart attack it was so cold.  Too cold yet for a long distance swim!  Maybe after several days of 80+ degree days today will be my first swim day of the year.

Monday, April 11, 2016

A Serious Tree Project

Here's a dilemma:  you have a problem 120' (we measured it!) Cottonwood tree that needs to come down.  You also have a son who climbs trees and takes them down 10' at a time.  Since I'm terrified of heights, the idea of my son carrying a chainsaw and climbing a moss covered old tree that may be rotten on the inside isn't a pleasant thought.  He has all the proper gear and confidence, so against my better judgement, we let him take down that tree.
This is a zoomed picture as he neared the top, removing branches on his way up.
I didn't realize that when the top came down the remaining tree would sway back and forth for about 20 feet!  Tony said "That is why you NEVER top a tree from a ladder - It'll throw you right off."  Good to know.

This "before" picture shows just how big a tree we are talking about!
Well, the tree is down - and no one was injured, but it may have taken a few years off my life.