Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Hugelculture Update

 In spite of the coolest May in many many years, and plants languishing instead of exploding, plants in the Hugel mound are doing better than those in my main garden.  I transplanted some English daisies that survived the winter outside, some Marigolds I started from seeds while we were in Florida, and some Lemon balm along the south edge of the mound.  I try to plant flowers to encourage bees, and the Marigolds tend to also ward off pests.

Pole beans from saved seeds are doing okay - it looks like slugs have found them, but not enough to kill them, and I think they're ahead enough to survive once they start growing on the trellis.

Beets from seed - about a month after planting,]and cabbage and broccoli from seed.

We have some sun and warm weather coming in the next week, so next month's update should be better.

Meanwhile, my pumpkin patch that will get too big for the Hugel mound is also languishing on the hillside that gets full sun all day.  I know they will be happy for some warm sunshine this next week.