Friday, February 26, 2010

Sure Sign of Spring - Even in the cold :)

Miles and miles of tomato farms getting ready for tomato plants. It is always amazing to see the crops in different parts of the country and the specialized agricultural techniques and machines that have been developed to maximize the harvest.

The area in Florida's panhandle and SW Georgia is specializing in tomatoes these days. You rarely see a tobacco field in the south any more. This picture was taken near Bainbridge, Georgia.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fishin' in Georgia :)

Mom nearly finished her book, so it was a successful fishing trip for her.

Dick bought 4 dozen minnows - put out 6 poles, and never got a bite. Water is still muddy....maybe tomorrow will be a better day! He has 3 1/2 dozen minnows to try again. :)

Biloxi Mississippi

Pascagoula....rebuilding the seawall, pouring sand behind it and making a promenade for miles. Road was washed out by Katrina, so it is also under construction.

A property for sale along the beach in Pascagoula. We called and talked to the owner/seller, and he said it had 10 feet of water over it when Katrina came through. He lost 2 trees, but it is hard to see any remnants of the mess caused by the hurricane. However, at $3500 a front foot, we will have to pass on this. :)

Stimulus dollars at work. You can see the stream of sand being dredged from the gulf floor and being dumped onto the area behind the seawall. The sand, when it dries out, is beautiful and white and looks like powdered sugar.

The hotel where we stayed had about half damaged beyond repair. The rebuilding process is well underway all along the waterfront in Biloxi.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Deep South in February 2010

Nine a.m. - Is that snow??? No more like sleet I think.

Noon - Why I do believe it IS snow!

Poor little flower. :(