Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Roller coasting through March 2023

 Spring is always a bit of a roller coaster ride weather wise. This March has definitely been doing that to us! The last day of February brought us about a half inch of snow and it was cold enough that it stuck around in the shady parts of the garden for several days. 

But things are starting to bloom, and leaves are emerging on nearly everything that has leaves. We have had several 60 degree plus days, and fortunately experienced a couple of those when Tony came over to rebuild another deck for us. And help us with the power for a new building.

When we bought this place in 1985, we did serious improvements/replacements. However, that was 37 years ago, and we are in a new improvement/replacement cycle. 

One of our projects this year is building a new tool shed, and we needed a new power supply as every power source we have is maxed out.  So first step was clearing a path for the new line, (more logging!) then having PUD come out and put in a new pole.  

So nice to have a son who can do anything! He first set the meter for the new PUD service, then climbed the VERY SCARY pole to route wire up a conduit to where the PUD can connect and bring it live.

Ron is getting very good with the new hoe, as he levels the site for the new building.

Since the garden water line is close to where we put in power and leveled for the building, I witched the line to be sure we didn't destroy it by accidentally digging it up.

Once the deck was done, we spent the next two days painting the whole guest house. Here's Ron finishing the last side. Big job as everything around here is on a hill of some sort.

Now we're ready to start the new building project. I still have a beautiful sunny day today to finish moving my table garden to the greenhouse. But we're kind of looking forward to a weather change later this week where we can rest up before starting, but April looks to be busy too!