Thursday, July 28, 2022

Flowers and Critters around the Lake

Wild flowers are beginning to reseed themselves

And the lilies come back year after year, so we have a sea of color all Spring, Summer, and Fall without planting.

Roses also come back year after year
As do lilacs
So many flowers - impossible to choose a favorite.
On to the critters:

And all the water fowl:

So much to see around here - I guess I'll leave the gardens and orchard for another post.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Motorcycle Ride in July


Now that we once again have a motorcycle in Washington, we are retracing some of our old rides.  This is one of our favorites.  Going through the back roads through Machias into Snohomish, and then out the Snohomish River Road to Monroe.

On a sunny day, we have lots of shade from trees along the road, and sweeping views of the farmland along the Snohomish River.  The whole Cascade range is in view along the way.

In Monroe, we stopped at our favorite restaurant in the Tye Plaza, which is now a Mexican restaurant.  Apparently in the years we didn't have a motorcycle and didn't stop there for lunch, it changed hands and menu.  The outdoor seating and view are still the same, and the food was delicious.  This is a Chimichanga and salad, which I can recommend.

Coming back through the Pilchuck River valley along the Centennial trail through more farmland and nurseries.
The view from Swartzmiller Rd overlooking the Pilchuck River is one of our favorites.  The mountain on the right is Mt Pilchuck, which overlooks our small town.

Even on mostly canopy roads, it was getting warm by the time we got back, so I'm ready for my daily swim.  Summer is great!

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Annual Family Gathering at the Lake

 We waited through a very wet and cold spring for a nice day in June when the family gathered for a picnic at the lake.

Although the water was still cold, we barely saw the children as they spent most of the day in the lake.

Boating in many forms - paddle boat, kayak, rowboat, floaty.  It was a great day to be on the water.

Some food was involved.

And some fishing...nothing like making a fisherman for life like catching a nice big fish.  Grandpa Tony knows how to catch them!