Friday, April 27, 2018

Spring - Our busy time of year!

So I started our busy time of year by stupidly charging through the woods and tripping, falling, and badly breaking my left arm.  Thankfully, it was my left arm as I'm totally right handed - but that being said, even brushing my hair or my teeth seems to take two hands - who knew?  I was sent home from the ER with a displaced fracture to wait a week for an orthopedic surgeon who had time to fix me.  I won't even discuss the pain - but it was unlike anything I've ever experienced before.  Fortunately, after a month I'm starting to get back to normal.
 The cherry trees are in full bloom,
I've moved most of the plants I started in the greenhouse into the garden or into their tubs in the greenhouse.
Ron is getting really good with his new machine and is busily clearing a spot for a barn building.
And yesterday we had an 80 degree day where we took the motorcycle for a ride to look at the tulip fields of Mt. Vernon.