Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Great Paint Project of November 2014

When we built our Georgia house in 2006, my brother, David,  brought his sawmill to Georgia to help with the project.  We purchased a load of Cypress logs, and we cut the logs on site into boards that we later planed and stained and used to side our house. 
We restained the house every other year, but still the wood began to change colors - some turning dark, some turning lighter.  We decided this year we should paint it.
We chose a color that we thought was a pretty good match from the color chart at Home Depot - Sante Fe - a light tan color.  As Ron applied it to the detached garage first, it looked awfully PINK!  So back to the color charts - and we decided to use the Sante Fe for trim on the main house and pick a darker color that we could use for trim on the garage.
You never realize how high the peaks are, how much trim there is and how long it will take until you get started.  After 10 days with both of us working, we finally got to the last side.
I did what I could all around the house from the bottom to as far as I could reach from the three step ladder and the top of the air conditioner.  I had to leave the hard part - all the peaks that had to be done from the roof and the tall ladders to Ron. 
I even repainted our sign with the new colors - last step was putting it up!

When the sun shines on it, it looks red (color is Navajo Red), but when in the shade as the second picture shows, it looks dark brown.
We are pleased with the end result and all the hard work was worth it!