Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Our Drive By Tulip Viewing

We've been self isolating for about 8 days now - and after several frenzied days of working on the flower beds, gardens, lawns, etc., our winter deferred maintenance was pretty much caught up.  Then the weather turned on us - suddenly cold and showery.  So a couple more days inside reading and watching the non-stop coverage of the covid-19 virus and we were beginning to get cabin fever.
We decided to take a drive up to see how the tulips were doing around Mt Vernon.  The drive up Highway 9 is very pretty - all along Lake McMurray, then Big Lake, and then out through the Skagit Valley on Highway 20.  The fields still look like lakes after the very wet January and February we've had.
Sadly, the tulip festival (like nearly everything else) is cancelled for this year.  You can see the tulip beds on the right of the Rozengratz sign are not in bloom yet.  It seemed like there were a lot fewer tulip fields this year -none were in bloom yet. 
The daffodils, however, are in full bloom and are quite spectacular even with clouds covering Mt. Baker so we couldn't include it in the picture. Our drive-by flower tour was still uplifting.  We always enjoy the Skagit Valley and it's beautiful farmlands with something growing nearly all the time.
Just before Conway, we found a field covered in Snow Geese.
All the places were we normally stop for lunch are closed, so we had to be happy with Kentucky Fried Chicken from the drive thru window.  Definitely strange times we're living in - like nothing I have ever seen or expected to see in my lifetime.  Hoping everyone is joining us in self-isolating so we can all eventually get back to our real lives.