Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Neighbors/New Dock

Our daughter and son-in-law bought a house across the lake from us.  We helped them rebuild the dock this past weekend.  While the pilings on the dock were good, and most of the underlying structure was okay, it had never been completed.  A strange form of plastic sandwich material had been screwed down for about a third of the dock several years ago, but it was warped and had holes in it in places.

Ron and Dan started by carrying the new material down the hill.  Each trip is equivalent to 4 staircases according to Amy's pedometer.  At least the trip up was empty handed.

Then they added new structure to the unfinished part of the dock.  They were able to add four 2"x12" 12 foot boards onto the pilings while balanced on loose boards without dropping any into the lake.
Some of the work was done in a downpour.
At the end of the first full day of labor, new boards had been added to where the old boards started.  The hardest part was removing the old boards, as they were put down in brackets and linked by tongue and groove.  The brackets had rusted and were mostly stripped, so removing them was a tedious task.  Amy and Dan take a break in the end of the day sunshine, experiencing a bit of what it will be like when done.
From the lake - all new boards.
From the shore.  Looking forward to many summer days enjoying the finished product!


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