Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Stormy Night in Georgia

It's been stormy and windy all day with white caps on the water and wind out of the south.  The good side of this is the wind is warm.
The warm weather has brought out spring blooms early.  I saw my first iris in bloom this morning, and some of the azaleas are even blooming.
After watching the waves hammer the docks for hours, we suddenly saw big black clouds headed our way.  In the next 20 minutes, we saw the rain gauge fill to the one inch mark.  
Now we're back to more wind out of the south, but no more rain.  It's supposed to get colder next week.  The farmers will be happy for that.  They've been worried about the lack of cold weather and what it means for the bug population.

Within about 30 seconds, the wind shifted to the north, typical of a tornado pattern.  Sure enough, the power went out and we sat in the semi-dark for several hours.  We feel fortunate that all we had was a brief reminder of how dependent we are on the grid.  Other places in Georgia got hammered much worse tonight.

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  1. I hear the eastern states are due for some wicked weather. Hang on.