Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day One - North Cascades Highway

We got a late start because of a plumbing problem with our well.  In the middle of the night, we realized we had no water.  We stumbled in the dark under a beautiful starry sky down to the well house, where we discovered a lake!  The pump was still running so we turned that off and went back to bed to let the water recede.  Fortunately, this happened while we were still here, and we were able to replace the broken valve in the morning and still be on the road by about 11 a.m.
First stop, Henry Miller Steelhead Park in Rockport.
Nice clean restrooms, interesting artifacts.  It is a great place to rest for a minute in the middle of a long road trip.
At Rockport, we turned onto the North Cascade highway.  We followed the beautiful green Skagit River up into the mountains.
If you take the N Cascade Highway, be sure to stop at the Gorge Creek Falls.  There is a parking lot and a walkway next to the road and the views are spectacular.  We have been this way many times without stopping, but it is worth the stop.
The waters are a beautiful emerald green in all the waters across the mountains.
The overlook of Diablo Lake shows geology and development of the lake system.
We had a late lunch at Duck Brand in Winthrop.  The food was delicious, service slow, and yellow jackets plentiful, so kind of a mixed bag.
 My amazing hunter of a sister-in-law with her trophy buck from last years' hunt.
My brother David, and sister-in-law Barb
We ended our first day with our son and his family in the Aeneas Valley just outside Tonasket.  275 miles so far

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