Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting the Roof Repaired

My folks roof shingles had buckled from settling after we built these houses five years ago, so today, we had a local contractor out to fix it.
They first tore off all the old shingles

Then swept it good and added new tar paper. 

 Then they replaced all the shingles, and cleaned up all the mess.  Definitely a satisfactory job!


  1. Looks great. But five years wasn't very long for that first roof! I hope you got some compensation.

  2. Actually,the shingles were just fine...the house settled causing them to buckle. :( I think I am going to adopt this young contractor though. He always calls me "Miss Rosemary" or "Ma'am", he showed up on time, called ahead, did a great job, charged reasonably, and cleaned up his mess.

  3. Wow, that's nice, getting your folks' roof fixed.
    I wish my son would call up some roofers to fix the leaks in his house. He lives in Vancouver along with his wife and two kids. And what can I say, that's one young hardworking contractor you've hired.