Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Georgia

Our planned quiet, low key, "token present only Christmas" kind of deteriorated late in the afternoon on Christmas Eve when Mom overheard Dick on the phone telling his friend in Minnesota that he would like to get a gun to hunt deer and pigs.  That was the first any of us had heard that he was even slightly interested in hunting down here. I guess being a life-time hunter and seeing all the deer and pig tracks every time he goes for a walk in the woods and telling hunting stories with the neighbors got his interest piqued.  So Mom called me from the bathroom in a whisper asking me to go into town and get a gun for Dick for Christmas.  Oh yikes!  I have never hunted, am not crazy about guns at all, and avoid WallyWorld like the plague.  We figured the new WalMart in Eufaula was our best bet for finding a gun on Christmas Eve, and figured the people who man the counter could give us advice about which gun to buy.

So we joined all the rest of the population of Barbour, Henry, Houston, and Quitman Counties, and all the residents of Eufaula and Georgetown, for a Christmas Eve shopping trip to WalMart.  The gun department people were a great help, and we found the perfect rifle.  After a false start where we used our Georgia address and were rejected by the great computer in the sky, we were able to register the gun to our home in Washington State.  One more step on Monday and it will be in Dick's name after we go to the courthouse in Georgetown and transfer all the paperwork again.  It was well worth all the effort though - I am not sure I have ever seen anyone more surprised than Dick was when we handed him the gift wrapped rifle as the last present to open.

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