Monday, February 3, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

Good weather and good health are back, and we are back out on the bike.  We went with our friends from Washington State who have relocated to Florida.  Glen is recovering from a stroke, and Ron is recovering from whatever was ailing him, so we took a short ride to the Shell Factory.  We've stopped before, but never really spent much time there, so we didn't realize just how much there was to see!
As you might expect, you can probably buy any type of shell there is here at the largest retail shell outlet in the country (world?)

And we expected to find some tourist items like T-shirts and jewelry,
But we were surprised by the largest taxidermy display we have ever seen in one place.
The sign says $7,000,000 worth of taxidermy is displayed and NO ONE at the Shell Factory killed a single animal.

Most of the animals have dates of many years ago - mostly the 1970's.  It did say most were no longer allowed to be taken.
Glen and Edee - adjusting well to their new life in Florida.
You can rent bumper boats or play an 18 hole round of mini-golf
Or eat at the on-site restaurant. 
A fun place to visit!