Friday, June 7, 2013

Motorcycling through the Snoqualmie Valley

On a nice day, there is no place finer than the Pacific Northwest.  So when the sun comes out, so does our motorcycle.  One of our favorite rides is the one through the back roads to Snoqualmie.

We took Machias Road into Snohomish, and then along River Road into Monroe.  Although a bit hazy, we could see the whole Cascade Range on the far side of the valley.  The road is dotted with old barns, farms, nurseries, and the occasional McMansion.
We traveled through Monroe, and then out toward Duvall,
along another scenic road. This is high rock, just outside Monroe.

 Many nurseries dot the landscape
between Monroe and Duvall.
Into Duvall, a town full of interesting buildings
and neat shops,
where we saw this unique vehicle.
Down through the valley where we saw more old barns,
more farms,
and our lunch destination, Remlinger Farms.
Unfortunately, the restaurant doesn't open for lunch until June 22, so we continued on into Fall City, where we ate at the Fall City Roadhouse.
I had really excellent clam chowder and green salad.
Then we wound up to Snoqualmie, past the falls, where we didn't stop on this trip.
Past the railroad museum,
and on to our final stop at Snoqualmie Casino, where we donated $40 to the tribe.