Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Ride to the Lipizzaner Farm

We fully appreciate the warm sunny days in Florida in the winter.  On the last day of 2012, we rode the motorcycles with our friends Patti and Fran.  They had found a farm near Myakka City that raised the famous Royal Lipizzaner horses.
 The gate was open so we rode in, hoping to find information on when they had shows.
We found a very picturesque farm with tidy barns, beautiful horses and gorgeous old oak trees.
Even the manure pile was neat and tidy.
We wandered around looking for someone to talk to, even looking into the large barn

Where beautiful horses munched on hay and looked at us curiously
Clearly, someone was home at one of the several homes on the premises, but no one came out to talk to us.
Multiple trailers for their road trips filled a huge building.
Bleachers to the side of the horse barn gave us hope that they did hold shows here.  In checking on-line, we found that we were on the wrong day for a show.  Saturday we plan to go back to check it out when someone is there!