Monday, September 5, 2011

Lovely September in Washington

After the longest wait for summer that I can remember, suddenly, we have our first string of 10 days of 80+ temperatures in September, extending our swimming season and our motorcycle riding season.
After a fun day with Tyler and his family, Ron and I took the motorcycle for another shirtsleeve ride on Sunday.
First stop, Ixtapa, our favorite Mexican food chain.  This restaurant in Duvall offers dining on the outdoor patio.  Why would anyone sit inside on a day like this?
Beautiful flowers all along the highway in the Snoqualmie valley between Carnation and Fall City.
Its the perfect time to visit Remlinger Farms - fun for the whole family, good food, farm fresh veggies.
Back through Monroe, where many people were enjoying the beach at the city park on the Snohomish River.