Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lolling at Lolo

With a whole day to spend in Missoula, we first walked to the park outside the door of our condo building.
This is a very historic area as Lewis and Clark came through on their exploration of the western half of the country.
They were confused about which river they were following and ended up naming it several times.
Interpretive signs throughout the park by the river tell the story of the Lewis and Clark expedition.
After an excellent cup of espresso and a yummy orange crescent scone at Cafe Dolce we headed south from Missoula to Lolo Hot Springs.
Water in the main pool is around 85 degrees, which felt warm and nice even with the morning air temp at 58 degrees.  Inside the building in the hot pool, we checked the thermometer to find a temp of 105 degrees.
Perfect for lounging!
The lodge at Lolo - there are also cabins and campgrounds for both RV's and tents.  The hot spring is about 35 miles outside Missoula on Hwy 12.
Back in Missoula for the afternoon.