Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Annual Halloween Hunt in the Maze

When the grandkids come to visit, we usually spend a lot of time outside - mostly in or around the lake.  However, our brief summer has left us and we had the whole crew coming for a visit on Saturday. We wondered how to entertain 15 children for an entire cloudy cool day in September.  

Ron came up with the idea of doing a treasure hunt in the woods.  Since we won't be here for Halloween, we used Halloween candy for part of the loot we hid.  We have 25 acres of woods where we have a natural maze on about 15 acres and a stand of overgrown Christmas trees on the rest.
The kids range in age from 1 to 14
Ron and I spent the morning wrapping candy, coins, a few dollar bills, and assorted trinkets in tin foil and hiding them in the woods.
We split up into several groups and headed into the woods at different spots, and everyone found treasures.
Back at the house, we counted our loot and compared findings and did some horse trading.
Everyone had a great time and we decided we would have to do this every year before we head out in the fall.
For the rest of the day, we ate, celebrated Lily's 3rd birthday, played games and made forts.

Cousins under the table in their improvised fort.
So a good time can be had even on a bad weather day!