Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Spring In Georgia

We take the humidity down here for granted.  When Ron decided it was time to burn our burn pile of fallen branches, weeds, etc. before we head out, I called to get a burn permit and neither one of us thought much more about it.  Ron set the pile on fire and then started work staining the garage.
I washed all the cars and puttered around cleaning, organizing, and sorting and packing for our trip to Florida next week.
While we worked on the road side of the houses, the fire was spreading on the lake side.  By the time we looked out that way, the wind had come up and there was a 5' wall of fire all across the front of both houses.  We spent the next two hours fighting fire until we both thought we might have a heart attack from over exertion.  We did manage to save the dock and the lake irrigation system, but we were up again at midnight fighting new hot spots.  Finally, the fire was out, but I am sure we both have a few more gray hairs.
The fig tree is just loaded with figs this year.

The iris are really blooming now.

Mom's planter boxes are really looking good.