Monday, July 10, 2017

Grandchildren and Summertime

One of the nicest things about summer is we get to see our grandchildren a lot more. 
We live on a small private late that would be totally pristine if it weren't for us.  There are hundreds of bullfrog polliwogs and Stickleback fish around the shore and we buy Dollar Store nets so the kids can catch them.  We allow them to catch and put them in a five gallon bucket while they are on the job.  Once we all get done swimming and playing in the water, we release everything they have caught back into the lake.
Leeches are a sign of a healthy lake - We like to catch and release leeches also - they're creepy but fun too!
We have an assortment of life jackets, and they all understand that they don't go on the dock or near the water without a life jacket until they can demonstrate good swimming skills.
My daughter and her husband own a house on the other side of the lake, and it's a right of passage for the grandchildren to "swim across the lake with Grandma".  We are always happy when they are able to swim well enough to do that.
Learning to dive is the next step!
Boating - and learning to row a boat are part of the fun.
So is learning to paddleboard with Aunty Amy,
Learning to fish with Uncle Tony,
And there's the Bulldog.