Monday, April 10, 2017

Making Good Use of A Sunny Day

When you have a tractor, there is always a job to be done.  On Sunday we helped my sister and her friend clear brush, move a greenhouse, and smooth out a level spot for a new building.
You can see the side of the greenhouse behind the back of the tractor.
The greenhouse is about 50' away from it's original site, in a new sunny site where we cleared the brambles for it.
I have to admit I had kind of forgotten about all the seeds I started in my mini-greenhouses I made from Costco fruit containers.  I was horrified when I checked the "boiler room" where we have our hot water tank and I had put them under a grow light a month ago.
They were pathetically dry, very leggy, and obviously needing transplanting.  
Even though it's way too early to plant beans outside, I didn't have much choice, so I planted the beans in my raised bed, and the peas with the row of blackberries I'm trying to start.  Now we really have to hope for warmer weather and no more frost.