Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bird Food Wreath

My friend on Facebook posted this nice short video for making a wreath out of bird seed for the birds in your yard.  I'm a sucker for anything that looks interesting so since I had most of the ingredients, I immediately set out to make one for the hundreds of birds in my yard.
Here's the recipe:
2 packages of gelatin - stir into 1 cup warm water
Add 6 tablespoons of Karo syrup (I didn't have that, so I used honey)
Add 1 1/2 cups of flour
Add 8 cups of bird seed
Mix well - (it will be a bit dryer than pie dough)
Liberally spray a bundt pan with spray oil and then pack the bird seed mixture into it

I put a plastic bag on top so I could press it firmly into the pan without having the seeds stick to my hands.
So pretty - I hung it on the line with my other feeders, where it stayed for about 2 minutes
Before it was in pieces on the ground - Not sure if it fell from it's own weight or if the first bird that landed on it caused it to break apart.  It was very heavy and I wondered about it holding together.  I'm sure the birds won't care if it's in pieces - I scattered them so that the "boss bird" won't keep it all to himself. 
This guy showed up last night, so I'm sure the remainder of the bird seed wreath won't last more than a few more hours.  But it was fun while it lasted!