Saturday, December 24, 2016

Winter in Washington

One thing that I had forgotten after many years in the south in the winter:  Even when we get cold weather - even when we get snow, there is still a greenness underneath, and it pops right back when a day or two of cold is gone.
We see a lot of birds in the winter as a lot of migrating birds only come this far on their journey south.
Of course, these guys never leave - there were over a hundred on the lake the other day.
We had our first "real" snow yesterday - but it's pretty drippy out there this morning, so doubtful any will last to greet
Christmas tomorrow.
Christmas Morning Update:
We did wake up to a white Christmas - not much snow in the areas that get sun, but about 2" in the open areas of the woods.  Here's my boot print
in the deep area.
A nature decorated Christmas tree.
I wonder who's out on this beautiful sunny morning walking with me.  I don't think it's a neighbor's kitten.
These lead right to the garden gate.
Looks like the Great Blue Heron has been on the dock!
The ice has been creeping further down the lake.  All the water fowl are congregated in a smaller and smaller area.