Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fall Mushroom Identification

All through my childhood we hunted wild mushrooms.  So I became familiar with several tasty varieties - Morel, Shaggy Mane, Oyster, Coral, and Chantrelle - but I know many more are edible - like Boletes - but I never have figured out how to positively identify them.  This year, there are mushrooms popping up everywhere - most of which I have never eaten.  So here are some pictures from my walk this morning.  Any help with ID is appreciated!
Well, I have to say this one looks poisonous.
It would be nice if this one was edible - we have a full field of them!
Coral - most coral mushrooms are edible and choice.  I've seen them the size of a large cabbage, so I'm letting these grow to see if they grow into something that's worthy of picking.
Amanita?  If so, very poison!
These are huge, abundant, and very much favored by local animals, so they must be edible.
Chanterelle - My absolute favorite!  Easily identified and safe once you know them.  Available at the Public Market for $19.95 per pound!