Sunday, July 24, 2016

Memories of Millie

Millie Hammond Rains Schoen
My mother was loved by so many and an inspiration to everyone who knew her.  None of us was surprised when she became the oldest woman to ever get a scuba license in Hawaii at 72.  She still swam 20 or more laps in the pool until she was 94.  
My family gathered yesterday to remember Millie.  The two remaining members of her generation, my Uncle Spud, and my Uncle Marvin, came along with several cousins, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren to celebrate her life with us.
My cousins, Jessie May, Susie, and Theresa, got to meet my great grand nephew, the cute red haired baby, Jackson
Baby Sammy taking a nap holding firmly onto Grandma Tina's locket.
Hard to think of my son, Tony, as a grandpa, but he's a good one!

My sister's grandson, Joey, on the left, my grandson, Jesse, on the right.  Another generation bonding.

Dan and Amy getting baby time with grand nephew, Sammy.
Enjoying catching up!
Sierra and Chris and baby Jackson going for a ride
Tina, Sara, and Dan

Cousin Ross and Uncle Spud
Brittany and Carla
Kim and Teri
I'll post more cousin pictures on my Cousins Blog