Monday, May 9, 2016

Eastern Washington in May

I think all of the mountain passes across the Cascade Mountains in Washington State are "scenic byways".  We went to Tonasket to visit family this past weekend, and enjoyed the views on two of these passes.  This is a view of Tumwater Canyon just west of Leavenworth on  Stevens Pass, US Highway 2.
The water in all the rivers is high - snow pack is going fast so not much snow even at the top of the pass.
Wild flowers are in full bloom and cover the hillsides.
Balsam Root in yellow and brown, lupine in purple, and all kinds of low growing flowering plants are so beautiful at this time of year.
Flowers are even popping out of the rocky hillsides.
Everything is so green and pretty and the temperature is about perfect.  It's a lovely time of year!