Monday, April 11, 2016

A Serious Tree Project

Here's a dilemma:  you have a problem 120' (we measured it!) Cottonwood tree that needs to come down.  You also have a son who climbs trees and takes them down 10' at a time.  Since I'm terrified of heights, the idea of my son carrying a chainsaw and climbing a moss covered old tree that may be rotten on the inside isn't a pleasant thought.  He has all the proper gear and confidence, so against my better judgement, we let him take down that tree.
This is a zoomed picture as he neared the top, removing branches on his way up.
I didn't realize that when the top came down the remaining tree would sway back and forth for about 20 feet!  Tony said "That is why you NEVER top a tree from a ladder - It'll throw you right off."  Good to know.

This "before" picture shows just how big a tree we are talking about!
Well, the tree is down - and no one was injured, but it may have taken a few years off my life.