Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Project for a Sunny Day

Ron noticed that we had a perfect spot for a horseshoe pit between the trees in our front yard.  He and his boys have enjoyed many horseshoe games over the years at the pit by the lake, but that's kind of a hike from the new house.
So we used our small Kubota tractor to line the area with sand and found three railroad ties that we could rob from our flower beds to make the two pits.  Fortunately, we had extra horseshoes and we had built the original pit to official standards.  We measured the old pit and laid out the new one to the same size.
We were nearly done when the Kubota broke down.  We were able to finish the project and have our mechanic working on the Kubota, so hopefully it will be ready when I need it to till the garden.
Done in time to put on shorts and sit in the sun and read the most gripping book I've read in a very long time!