Monday, February 15, 2016

Shield's Date Farm

On our latest cross country trek, my sister, Mona, suggested we stop to visit the date farm in Indio.  Around noon, as we neared Indio, where we planned to stay the night, I googled "date farm Indio" and immediately found their site:  Shield's Date Garden  I plugged the address into our GPS (isn't technology wonderful?) and we arrived just as their cafe closed at 2:30 p.m.  So we weren't able to get lunch, but we did get one of their famous date milkshakes.

Even though the cafe was closed, the gift shop was teeming with customers, and they had a counter we got the milkshake (which was delicious!)  
 The weather was ideal for outdoor eating.  Sunny and high 80's but cooler and nice in the shade.
One of the many biblical statues that are dispersed throughout the garden depicting most of the parables of the New Testament.
The gardens are beautiful with wide stone paths through a grove of date and citrus trees, and other tropical vegetation.  A lot of the plants are marked with names and species, which I always find interesting.
They show the "sex life of the date tree" at a movie, but we skipped that and just wandered through the gardens while we enjoyed our milkshake.  Definitely a nice rest stop on a long trip!