Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Winter Gardening

It's been many years since we were in Washington for the winter.  So I'm not really sure what should be happening with gardens.  I assumed they were just dormant and could wait for my spring return.  However, I discovered all the daffodils and tulips and iris that I had planted by the new house were about 4 or 5 inches out of the ground and winter hasn't really even started yet.  
Usually by the time we get home in April the daffodils and tulips are done blooming, so I haven't even bothered to plant them in recent years.  But it really doesn't seem like they should be out of the ground in December, and maybe I planted them too shallow.  So before the real cold hits, I decided to give them some mulch.
Fortunately, we still have a big pile of mulch from when the power company cleared lines in the area and dumped it in our material pile.  So I moved several bucket loads to the area I had planted bulbs a couple of months ago.
It'll be interesting to see if I actually have daffodils and tulips to bloom in the spring.  My last venture with winter bulbs left me with a plague of fat moles, but these are closer to the house, so I may have better luck.