Monday, November 23, 2015

A Walk in the Woods

There are trails throughout the woods on our property near Granite Falls.  

Today while the sun shone and melted most of the overnight frost, I decided to hike my one mile course through the woods.  
Most of the Maple and Alder trees finished shedding leaves in last week's wind storm. Several types of ferns now show off their bright green leaves.

I found this pretty coral mushroom along the trail.  Most coral mushrooms are edible,  but I left this one to grow as it wasn't big enough for a meal.

This is a perfect example of a nurse log. Obviously a large tree fell here at some point and all these treese used it as a place to sprout and grow.
 I think this tree has been adopted by woodpeckers.  We always leave at least one snag per acre for them.
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