Thursday, October 1, 2015

Another Cross Country Trip

Since we started driving from one end of the USA to the other a couple of times a year about 20 years ago, we have always enjoyed the trip.  People say "why don't you fly?" and I suppose that's a valid question, considering the distance.  But people to to Disneyland and Disney World to go on rides that simulate some experience and our trip across the country is much like a Disneyworld ride - showcasing the differences in terrain, weather, even how people talk.  So we are still enjoying the ride!
Some of the most beautiful views are as we cross Washington State and go through the Tumwater Canyon, where you can see evidence of last year's fires, but lots of new growth and beautiful autumn colors.
 Through Eastern Washington and it's amber waves of grain, with burned off areas from this year's fires in places, but surprisingly, most buildings still standing....
Past the Great Grand Coulee Dam and on into Idaho....
 Where we went by beautiful Lake Couer d'alene.  Saw lots of antelope in Montana, lots of sunflowers, corn and soy beans in South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa.
 One of the big cities we passed was St Louis, MO, with it's famous arch.
 More fields of soybeans and corn and more windmills.  Lovely weather all the way through Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee.
Back in the land of low gas prices in Alabama, and back to our evening sunsets in Georgia.
So it's with mixed emotions that we prepare the Georgia house for sale.  Information on the house at our blog about the Georgia property.