Monday, June 29, 2015

Flying over the Great Pacific Northwest

Ron enjoying the ride - amazing as he is a bit squeamish about flying in a small plane.  His confidence in our pilot made this day possible!
We first flew over Swartz Lake, where you can see our existing house in the upper left hand corner of the picture.  We  pretty much have the east side of the lake to ourselves.  The new house is on the 5 acres to the right of the existing house, nestled in the trees, so not visible in this picture.
We had heard about the red tide warnings in Puget Sound, but it was clearly visible from the air.
Our pilot, Ron Moen, took us to one of his favorite spots for breakfast.  It would have taken us half a day to get to Port Townsend by car and ferry, but we were there in minutes in the plane.
After a nice breakfast where we ate on the outdoor patio overlooking the landing strip, we headed back.
We looked for some other friend's house on the point in Marysville, but weren't sure which one it was.
The Stillaguamish River near Island Crossing as we lined up to land at the Arlington Airport.

Thank you Ron, for a lovely ride!