Thursday, March 12, 2015

Home to a Huge Project

We were home early this year, but the weather felt like Spring.  The first day home, we headed to the County to pick up our building permit.  That's when we discovered that the CASP (Critical Area Site Plan) that the 2nd floor planning people had prepared couldn't be recorded due to technicalities (print they added to our site map was too small).  So one more day to get that right and we finally after waiting for months and after many thousands of dollars, had a building permit in hand!
We took advantage of the sunny warm days to stake out where the new house would go.  This involved measuring the 70' sides and the 44' sides, then measuring diagonally until those numbers were exactly the same.  
Once that was done, we tied string around the perimeter and then used several cans of white spray paint to outline the digging parameters for the backhoe.
Ordered a sani-can for the duration of the building.  Now we're ready for workers!

In one day, we had a giant pile of dirt and could begin to see where the house would be.
After one day, the foundation guys had the forms built for the footings, and the inspector had signed off the first step in our building process!
My brother-in-law, Scott, says there are 10,000 details in building a house.  We think we may be up to 500 that are complete.