Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Busy Times and Some Progress

We started March with a visit with my Mom and step-Dad from Alaska.  Lots of visitors and lots of pictures - then a computer crash and lots of pictures lingering on the crashed computer....so more on the visitors in a later blog where I'm sure to have lots more pictures.  Mom had a fall and spent five days in the hospital, but she is now recovering in the rehab facility of Providence Hospital in Everett. She is making amazing progress, which is what we expect from her as she has been an inspiration to all of us for many years.  As she nears her 96th birthday in April, she is still full of life and determined to be back on her feet to be home in Alaska by her birthday!

In the meantime, Ron and I have been working for a few hours every day to do "our part" in building our new house.  We are hiring subs to do the real work, but putting in 500' of waterline seems like real work to us!
We connected to the existing water line, and did all the connections (with the help of a hair dryer to soften up the pipe) and finished our job this past weekend.  It was inspected and signed off by the County yesterday (March 23), and once we cover it, we will be back in supervisory and out of ditch-digging mode.
In the meantime, the foundation guys have finished the foundation walls.  The PUD has blessed our installation and the electrician has hooked up temporary power and built our meter mast.  

Backfill will be done tomorrow, and framing will start next week!

So for now, off to the rehab facility to visit Mom and more relatives.  Definitely a busy time for us!