Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rosie and the Giant Puffball

If you look closely behind the tractor right on the edge of the picture, you will spot what looks like a white ball.
Upon investigation, I realized it was the largest puffball mushroom I had ever seen.  I don't have my mushroom book with me, but I was pretty sure all puffballs are edible.
When slided, the flesh was pure white and firm - just about perfect....still, I wasn't sure about it's edibility.  So I posed the question on Facebook, thinking my many mushroom hunting friends would be able to identify it.
Fried in butter, it smelled lovely and looked really enticing.
Our friends, Patti and Fran, who were visiting from Florida, politely declined to help me eat it - as did my husband, Ron.
Most of the comments on Facebook were negative (as in, "Are you crazy?") But my younger sister, Anne, came through with her opinion and a confirmation that puffballs are essentially edible, so I ate one slice the first evening to see if I suffered any ill effects.  The next day, since I still felt fine, I ate the rest for breakfast.  Now looking for more!!