Friday, September 12, 2014

Children, Motorcycle Rides, and Christmas Cards

Oh, I know, I've been terrible about updating the blog for the past couple of months.  I probably did have time - after all, it's hard to stay busy for 24 (or even 6 or 8) hours every day.  However, it has been summer, and that is our busy time of year.  We've enjoyed visiting the south sound family:
Where the lucky grandchildren who live here not only have a pool, but the pool has a spectacular view of Mt Rainier!
The good weather has kept us out on the bike several days each week.  This trip took us all the way up to the Blue Mountain Grill in Whatcom County. 
This ride takes us through several pretty towns - like Clear Lake,
where my third cousin who has researched the family says one branch of our family once settled.
And where we have mountain views all the way from Big Lake to the Blue Mountain Grill.
Lots of blue showing on Mt. Baker after a warm summer!
oh, and I've been making birthday and Christmas cards in my spare time.
My sister, Mona, introduced me to collage several years ago, and I have never looked at anything flat the same since.  A simple pretty leaf is fun to work into a card.
As I deadhead my flower beds, I collect some to dry and use later in the collage cards.

Tissue wrapping paper that I used to discard now becomes the base for cards. 
Today I finally cleaned up my mess and finished making cards for a while, but I actually hated to do that.  I'll still remember all this fun labor as I clean up glitter for the next month or so.