Thursday, April 3, 2014

Seed Organizing

I saw this idea on Facebook, and thought it sounded like something I could do.  Since planting fever hits me early in February while we are still in Florida or Georgia, when the weather turns nice and the seeds and plants start coming into the marketplace, and my planting is done when I get home to Washington, my seeds are pretty disorganized.  Often I buy new seeds when I already have plenty.  Then I discover I don't have some essential seeds.  So on a cloudy day, time to get organized!  First step - accumulate all the seeds from years past and all the ones I've bought for this year.

In my "abandoned crafts" area, I found everything I needed to get started.
I labeled sheet protectors with holes for a 3" binder - coming down a bit of a learning curve - originally I put each seed packet into a separate envelope.  I think I'll do better with grouping seeds.
I'm thinking that I can insert a blank sheet into the envelope with the seeds saying when I planted them so my garden diary will be all in one place.  But I'll probably not get to that.
I'm starting to feel very organized, and inspired to head outside to do some planting.
I'm trying to stay within my available materials, so it took two one inch binders.  A 3" binder would have been fine for all the seeds, but I didn't have one on hand.

Heading to the garden as although it's cloudy, it's not raining, and I know just what I need to plant!