Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Looking for Tulips

We knew the first week we were home was exceptionally wet - but it seems the months of February and March set all kinds of records for rain here in the Pacific Northwest.  Just about the time we are ready to pack up and head south, we got one of the famous stellar days that keep us all around.  Yesterday was gorgeous with blue skies and sunshine.
This is what our front walkway looked like - the green grunge was about an inch deep in places.  I spent 5 hours with the 3500 lb per sq inch pressure washer, and got most of the decks and walkways cleaned.
Same walkway after cleaning - things are looking up!
However, after Ron mowed most of the day and I did the pressure washing, we were tuckered out and decided to take a trip up to the Skagit Valley to look at the tulips. 

Usually by the end of March, the fields around Conway and Mt Vernon are tilled and planted.  This year, most are ditched to remove excess water from the muddy ground.
The daffodilss are still in full bloom - much later than normal,
Only the pink tulips are showing color at all.
We did see hundreds of snow geese still hanging out in the fields.
And the mountains looked like they had a fresh dusting of snow.  Definitely a later than normal spring around here.