Friday, March 7, 2014

Back to Spring in Georgia

While we've enjoyed the sunshine and warmth in SW Florida for the past three months, it feels really good to be back to Georgia and the cooler temperatures and signs of Spring all around.  For a native Pacific NW person, it seems kind of unnatural to be in perpetual summer with sunshine every day.  In Florida, trees always have leaves, the grass is always green, and there is always something in bloom.  Here and in the Pacific NW, there is the joy of watching nature awaken after its winter sleep.  Every day we find something new that has been given a new birth.
The first sign of spring was the tilled fields.
The Camelia almost doesn't count, as it sometimes blooms through the winter.

But daffodils and forsythia are definite signs of spring.
Hyacinth with their wonderful smells greeted us in one flower bed.
We also saw red bud trees and many trees full of white blooms along the road as we neared the house.
It was also exciting to see the folks' new dock completed.