Monday, December 2, 2013

Blue Ridge Georgia

As we continued our Thanksgiving weekend trip to North Carolina and North Georgia, we visited the town of Blue Ridge, Georgia on Saturday.
We started out early to visit Mercier Orchards - Even at 10 a.m., the crowds were starting to fill this gigantic store. 
Many varieties of apples cover the hundreds of acres of orchards.  All the apple processing is done at the farm, and the whole assembly line is behind windows for viewing.
Helpful signs explain every stage of the apple sorting, cleaning, and packing operation.
Apples, apples, apples - all sizes and varieties "on the hoof" available - or you can go to the attached bakery and select fried fritters, apple pies, apple bread, etc. etc.  We collected a variety!
Spices? Sauces? Kitchen gadgets? Wine glasses? Cookbooks? Appalachian Trail Maps and guide books?  We got some of all!
I loved this store!
Downtown Blue Ridge had a "Light Up Blue Ridge" celebration going on, complete with parade,
Ice skating rink,
Street fair and vendors,
trendy coffee shops,
Interesting buildings
and shops featuring old fashioned penny candy.
We spent most of the day wandering around the shops and checking out the crowds.  We got home in time to watch "the game" (Alabama vs. Auburn) which really didn't disappoint!