Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our Work is Cut Out for Us

As usual, a return to Georgia means lots of yard work.  We have great neighbors who mow the lawns, but we realize every year when we return that we have WAY TOO MANY flower beds and way too little appreciation of the southern vines and their ambition.
The fig tree totally collapsed this year from either the weight of figs or the weight of vines using it as a trellis.  Yesterday and today in the morning when it was relatively cool, we worked on clearing this out.
We finally realized this flower bed can be shortened by about half.  So we cleared out all the weeds, trees, and debris and planted the front half into lawn.  I didn't move the bird bath or flower pot, so you can see how much we eliminated.  It should be a lot easier to mow now also.
This flower bed between our houses is the next project - but it has to wait until tomorrow - too hot, too tired and too many gnats to work any more on it today.  I did get about four feet of it done before I had to give up.

Mom's flower beds are next - I think I even noticed some good flowers in this mess of trees. 
Meanwhile, Ron has the Kubota out and is mowing the road and the other lots.  They had weeds about 6' high throughout, but he's making some progress every day.