Friday, August 30, 2013

Late August in Washington

Black lilies,
Star Gazer Lily, and
 Sweet William - all finishing up their blooming.
This Hydrangea has been blooming for about six weeks, and continues to put out new flowers.
Gerber daisies on about their third set of blooms.
Dahlias have been blooming for a while, and should continue until frost.
Key West
Yellow star
Otto's Pride - the only plate dahlia that has survived the past 7 years of being left in the ground.  I used to dig and store the tubers, but now I just mulch them in the fall.
Pretty in Pink
Black beauty (and friend - Black Widow?)
 Pumpkin getting big and orange
 Trumpet Vine
Oh oh, Fall Crocus - time to think about fall coming soon!